Shade&Beyond 316 Marine Grade Shade Sail Hardware Kit 5 inch for Rectangle and Square Sun Shade Sail Installation, 24 Pcs PK-00002-02S00

Shade&Beyond 316 Marine Grade Shade Sail Hardware Kit 5 inch for Rectangle and Square Sun Shade Sail Installation, 24 Pcs PK-00002-02S00

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  • Made of high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, size: 5inch
  • This hardware kit is made for rectangle and square sun shade sail
  • Includes: Turnbuckle( 5") x 2pcs, Pad eye( 2.4") x 4pcs, Snap Hook( 2") x 2pcs, Screw x 16pcs, Plastic expansion x 16pcs
  • Adjustable turnbuckle to create tension
  • Great fit for installing rectangle or square shade sail below 15 ㎡/161 sq.ft, such as 8'x10', 10'x13', 10'x10', 12'x12'

Size:5 INCH

Hardware kits are recommended to install a shade sail to any structure, tree or pole.

One set of rectangle/ square shade sail hardware includes: Turnbuckle x 2pcs, Pad eye x 4pcs, Snap hook x 2pcs, Screw x 16pcs, Plastic expansion x 16pcs

Turnbuckle- A device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tension systems.
Snap Hook- A metal loop with a spring-loaded gate, used to quickly and reversibly connect components.
Pad Eye- A flat metal plate with a projecting loop or ring, made all in one piece, providing an attachment point. It is secured by screwing, bolting, or welding it in place.

Having the proper hardware makes installation so much easier compared to piecing it together yourself.

You get what the listing indicates, however it's a lot smaller than a different brand I bought here on . For all most the same price, the Ollieroo Shade Sail Hardware Kit I bought a few months ago, is about twice as thick. Since they're both made from 316 Stainless Steel, the other one should be much stronger. I thought I was buying the same size hardware, it was my fault for not reading the description better. See photo for comparison of the two hardware kits.
By J. W. August 27, 2017
The hardware is very fancy - nice stainless steel but the screws are only one inch long. Screws are severely undersized for the application. If you are screwing into fascia you need longer screws because most fascia is just a thin, non-wood decorative facing, not to meant to hold anchors. So you need something longer that will go through, into the stronger wood behind the fascia. In a high wind area these screws are inadequate.
By Ijw May 31, 2018
This hardware is excellent quality for the price. But why only 2 carabiners?? I had to buy 2 more at Home Depot to complete my installation. I also bought some eye bolts to use for some corners rather than the diamond plates. That makes a much stronger connection by going thru the wood, rather than pulling against 4 screws. The 2 diamond plates I used were mounted horizontal so the tension would pull laterally on the screws.
By J. Hunt May 12, 2018
I use these to anchor my shade sail. So far they look to be well-made and hopefully they will hold up in the weather. If not I'll come back and edit this. My only concern is the length of the screws that hold the anchor points. I would've preferred that they were a bit longer. However there are four of them on each anchor and so far they have held just fine.
By ParrotHeadWNY July 16, 2018
Looks like good quality hardware, but I felt the screws were too small to support my 9x12 awning, so I used beefier screws. For some reason the flapping in the wind causes the turbuckles to unscrew themselves and disconnect. Maybe you could add lock nuts to the turnbuckles as a solution. I replaced them with two more carabiners. We will see if the solution holds up under daily wind conditions.
By Vince Schreiber September 10, 2018
This attachment hardware is awesome. I bought them along with a sunshade and installed them at my sister’s house. They’ve been going strong for almost a month now even through a week of hard rain. I’m quite pleased with them.
Note: They are smaller hardware. If you’re looking for something larger you might want to look at another product. However, although they are smaller, they hold up really well.
By Leland Cannon June 22, 2018
The set showed up and what immediately caught my eye was how small and light-duty these pieces are. They may work, and be ok for a small said, but I expected more medium-duty equipment. Unfortunately, it took me a few weeks and a break in the weather to get my poles set in concrete, so the return window has closed.
By Adam August 26, 2018
Hardware undersized: Screws are 1' long #6--minimum size should be #8, or preferably, #10 screws, to provide sufficient anchor against high forces generated by wind on shade sails (dimensions not listed in product description). Plastic anchors included with kit should not be used for any shade sail installation, as plastic anchors are very weak and not designed for this purpose. Pad eyes are countersunk for #6 screws, precluding the use of larger flat head screws, however, they will accept a #8 pad head screw. Suggest buying heavier-duty hardware (and product description should be improved).
By L. Clement July 8, 2018