Orbit 58993 Thumb Control Contractor Turret Pistol Spray Nozzle

Orbit 58993 Thumb Control Contractor Turret Pistol Spray Nozzle

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  • 7 spray patterns for a variety of watering needs, including jet, full, flat, cone, center, shower and mist spray modes
  • Contoured for a non-slip grip and comfort, with the d-ring shape that makes storage easy
  • Thumb flow control knob for ease of use and watering flexibility
  • Non-corrosive exterior that ensures strength and durability for extended nozzle life
  • Soft touch dial guard makes it easy to select and change spray patterns even when wet

Awesome product and very ergonomic. I have arthritis in my hands and this product is awesome. I have had it for many months now and own 2. Definitely works perfectly for women and those suffering with arthritis and need an ergonomic product.
By Gloria Ruiz December 1, 2017
I purchased this along with another nozzle of the same price and I wish I had the time to return the other one. This Orbit is superior in feel and quality. It's heavy and gives you the impression it will last a long time. Also, I prefer it's water distribution.

I did NOT experience problems with the "jet" setting being too weak (as some have mentioned)- in fact it's better than most of the other nozzles I have (using 60 PSI water pressure).
By DavidCT May 14, 2018
I loved this when I first got it. Worked well, strong stream of water from normal water pressure. The thumb control is very convenient and easy to use. It has started leaking around the part of the head that rotates - large enough to bee irritating and water gets on my shoes etc. Until it started leaking - 6 months after I got it - I thought this was wonderful.
By Eannie October 3, 2017
Every spring I run out four hoses to various parts of our property. Over the years on those hoses, we have gone through many different types of nozzles. While we’ve only had this one for two months, it appears to be the best we’ve found.

It provides a thicker stream than most. The thumb switch is easy to get used to. The variety of sprays/streams is good. And it seems built to last with most parts rubberized so they won’t break when dropped.

I liked it so much, I ordered three more.
By Llamallero May 21, 2018
Of all the yard sprayers I have ever purchased this is by far the best. After a full year of use, sitting outside in the snow all winter it still worked come spring. I liked it so much I bought a second so I could have one in front and back. The thumb control is WAY better than other mechanisms for turning it on and off. I highly recommend it to anyone and can see this lasting a long long time. No more buying a new sprayer every year.
By BA June 22, 2018
Doesn't leak, seems good build quality. I like the thumb control. However, the classic Orbit adjustable nozzle that you simply rotate to adjust flow for is more useful for me. This nozzle lacks a setting that sends a narrow spray a long distance. There are two settings for spraying long distance, but (at least with my water pressure) both are directed streams. Another consideration is that the classic nozzle can be dragged through rocks and down steps without harm. This doesn't seem like it would hold up to that abuse. Just a couple of things to consider, particularly if you're gardening in the mountains.
By Lady July 12, 2018
I bought two of these - one for the front of the house, one for the back. I wasn't sure I would like them when I bought them but the reviews were great and I decided to give them a try. Am I ever glad I did. The thumb control is so easy and convenient and the spray patterns take care of everything I need. This is without a doubt the best hose nozzle I have ever used.
By Zuker May 16, 2018
So far, this thing has been awesome. I ended up also purchasing a hose, locally, as mine was falling apart, and I love the hose also. I was concerned that this nozzle would leak with that hose, and quite the contrary - it fits as if it were made for it.
This is my first nozzle with the thumb control and I love it! Every selection is just so smooth, and it works so well, I might replace the back one with another of these!
I really love it - just wish would offer a bit better of a price on it. Other than that, I would recommend.
By GinSing June 15, 2018