Quartet Dry Erase Boards, Magnetic, 17 x 23", Black Frame, Case of 4 (MWDW1723M-BK) 17 x 23" ACCO Brands MWDW1723M-BK-CS

Quartet Dry Erase Boards, Magnetic, 17 x 23", Black Frame, Case of 4 (MWDW1723M-BK) 17 x 23" ACCO Brands MWDW1723M-BK-CS

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  • Dry-erase board provides a smooth writing surface and doubles as a magnetic bulletin board, best for light usage; case of 4
  • Board can be hung in either portrait or Landscape orientation, measures 17 inch x 23 inch; mounting hardware, dry-erase marker and magnet accessories are included
  • Great for home use, this board has a black frame finish

Color:Black Frame  |  Size:Case of 4 Boards

Smooth, dry-erase surface of this 17" x 23" board is magnetic. Use the included dry-erase marker to write notes and reminders or use the included magnet accessories to hang items and use as a magnetic bulletin board. Great for home use, the board is available with either a black or wood frame and matches most interiors. Wall mounting hardware is included that allows flexibility to hang board vertically or horizontally. Case of 4.

I was worried about buying this as I had read a few bad reviews, but since it was the only option that seemed reasonable I decided to give it a try. It seems that the production just isn't very consistent, but there were no problems with my board. It also seems that Quartet has a warranty, which might be of use to anyone who does encounter manufacturing defects.
I'd read one review that said the expo markers wouldn't work, which was my number one concern when going through with this purchase. However, my markers work on this board without any staining or blotching. Here, it's important to make a distinction between dry-erase markers and wet-erase markers—this board is made to work with the former, so wet-erase markers will most likely appear splotchy.
I don't usually write reviews, but after the what I had read I figured it might be useful to say my piece. Overall, I thoroughly recommend this product.
By Blue December 13, 2016
Used this to make a menu board for my kitchen, and it was very easy to hang and cleans easily. Love that it's magnetic and the markers can stick to it and not get lost. I added vinyl labels to match my decor and those stuck easily as well. Great board for the price!
By Tiffany Rankin October 16, 2015
I bought this to make a behavior chart for my son. He needed a little extra help to remember what he needs to to do/ not do, on a daily basis, and to stay motivated. It's easy to mount and sturdy. In the photos you will see other items(which I will review as well) that are not included. The items included with this are the hardware for mounting/hanging, a small black marker and two nice magnets.
By April Gant October 20, 2015
I give this 4 stars because when i recieved it the edges were cracked and the cheap wood frame was peeling due to the lack of bubble wrap and good packaging. It was like ping pong in a box.
But snice i have no time to return i kept it.
The size is decent if your writing notes. The marker and the actual board is actually pretty good. When you wipe away it doesn't leave black smudges. Its super light too, so if it falls off your wall, dont worry its similar to the weight of a ps4 game.
Its ideal.
By Serena April 6, 2017
Comes with magnets and a marker

Corners are damaged on arrival
Backing is carboard
Wood frame is fragile and easily scratched
By Doli May 14, 2017
I've had this for a few months, and I like it a lot. It helps keep me organized for school. I wrote my class schedule and room assignments on it so I could glance at it for a reminder before leaving for class. I also write a list of upcoming assignments and quizzes so I can keep focused on priorities while studying. I like that it's magnetic, because I can stick important papers to it with magnets. Here's a tip: if you're throwing away a shower curtain, take the magnets out of it first and use them on the dry-erase board. They work great. The marker it comes with is narrow and not like the big chisel-tipped markers one often sees with dry-erase boards, but for a board of this size it works fine. I can't speak to how long it will last, because I've only had it a few months. I can say I've left writing on it for several weeks, and it still erases with no problem. I also bought bigger markers and an eraser, but for a board of this size they're probably not necessary. Hanging it was easy enough, but I did put screws in the wall to do so. I haven't tried using removable hooks to hang the board. Don't expect miracle strength from the magnetic properties either. It's sufficient to hold one sheet of paper to the board, but I wouldn't expect to stick anything really heavy up there.
By Brian October 1, 2015
This is a simple board. The back and frame seem to be made of painted cardboard, which could be fragile if hit or stabbed, but it should work just fine on the wall. The lack of metal or wood keeps it very light, which both supports its own structural integrity and makes it a good fit for many walls, particularly dorm walls. I have noticed that if you don't frequently erase with it, the marker is hard to remove, but this is true of almost any whiteboard, particularly budget ones.

It looks nice enough, it is a great accessory for a dorm, but probably not for an office. For the price, I am very satisfied - it performs as well as similarly sized boards that cost $5 to $10 more. It fits very well on small walls and in tight walls, while being large enough to be able to write important stuff on it.
By Alex October 16, 2017
So for about $13 after taxes I got a whiteboard, 2 magnets and a pen with an eraser.

The whiteboard is decent quality. It has a cardboard backing which my toddler put a small hole through when he banged it with a spoon. I can't really expect more for the price I paid.

It's a decently large size. I got this to go with my kids' magnetic letters and magnatiles. They can put the letters on the board and make silly pictures with their magnatiles on this. It also doesn't take up too much space.

I've drawn on it with the marker that it came with and had no issues with erasing. The marker is low odor and dries quickly. I've bought some expo markers though to use with this since I have kids - expo markers are made in the USA.

This was really all I expected from a $13 whiteboard.

This white board came in a huge box that was twice the size. Bad for the environment but I won't ding the product for this reason.
By Play and Learn December 31, 2016