Teacher Created Resources 2 Minute Sand Timer - Small (20647) Teacher Created Resources OS

Teacher Created Resources 2 Minute Sand Timer - Small (20647) Teacher Created Resources OS

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  • 4 - 2 minute timers per pack
  • Handy plastic timers with colored sand.
  • Includes suggested activates. Each timer measures 1" x 3.5"

Size:2 Minute

Race to see how much can be accomplished before time runs out. Great for games, timed test, and time management.

These sand timers have definitely come in handy for me around the house. I ordered one combo pack which came with four different sand timers. Each one is 3.5” tall and the base is 1” wide. The four sand timers include: one minute timer in red, two minute timer in blue, three minute timer in yellow, and five minute timer on green. After testing, all timers were accurate. I love that the timers have the minute(s) on both sides. This set also includes a small brochure which gives some different school activities.

I mainly purchased this set for the five minute timer. I needed something for the shower to help time a hair treatment that I use. I have to leave on my treatment for five minutes. I tried to keep a count in my head but it just wasn’t working so well. So I decided to search for a timer. I originally thought of a digital timer but I came across some problems like needing a battery, making sure it was waterproof, and how it needed to be hung in the shower. While searching for a timer I came across sand timers and thought this would be so much easier to handle and much cheaper. I was afraid that the sand may eventually get hard and stop working properly when leaving it in the shower. However, after three months of sitting in the shower, I haven’t had any problems at all. I’m very happy that I decided to get this set of sand timers.
By LoveMuffin April 23, 2017
Pretty Close! I did a small statistical study, using an electronic timer - 10 passes on each side on these and found most of them to be within 2 seconds of the stated time when operating n either direction. My 3 minute timer is 2 seconds less in one direction, and 20 seconds less in the other. I just marked the timers for the actual time that they measure on each end. I'm happy. Great for the price.
By Kevin S March 13, 2015
Perfect for training your pupp...errr...toddler! Bought these so that my 2yo could see when time-put would be up, and ended up using them to establish levels of consequence for different crimes.

Throw a Lego at the flat-screen? 2 MINUTES!

Think you're a ninja and can practice your roundhouse kick on the dog? 5 MINUTES!

Think you can stroll out of time-out and kick it on the floor with your Lincoln logs? TIMER GETS FLIPPED!

Great for learning colors too I suppose "Not the green one Dada"

Working on teaching him that multiple offenders end up in the pen for life, but he always hits the parole board with that crooked smile and ends up back on the street.

Someday we'll break this bronco..
By D. Brannen January 18, 2017
I got these for my kids' time outs. They are pretty much your run-of-the-mill sand timers, BUT, can withstand the wrath of a kitchen sink garbage disposal. Don't ask how I know this, I just do. Super tough timers.
By Jimmy B January 3, 2017
All four of them have a visible lean to them. That is, they don't stand up perfectly straight. They seem pretty solid and sturdy.

I used a stopwatch to test their accuracy from both directions at least twice. The one minute timer is accurate to within 1 second. The two minute timer is accurate to within 10 seconds . The three minute timer is accurate to within 12 seconds. The five minute timer is accurate to within 3 seconds.
By AJB February 12, 2016
These timers are great for all types of uses, and seem to be very well constructed. My 3 and 6 year old have been using them for the past 3 months as a toothbrush timer, and we haven't had any break or malfunction. It's easy for kids to use and watch, so it's been perfect for a way of them being able to know how long they need to brush their teeth for without me constantly getting onto them about it ;) I love how it came with 4 timers, since we are experts at losing and misplacing things around here! It also comes in handy if we want to use them for different things as well. I've been very happy with this timer, it's done exactly what I was looking for at a great price!
By Casie August 16, 2016
Purchased for my prek son for home and school, because he was having trouble staying focused for extended periods of time. This is his first year of prek, and his teacher has the kids do writing worksheets (up to 4-5 a day), so he was having, and still does have, a hard time sitting and focusing for that long. To do that many worksheets a day is not age appropriate, but as a former teacher, I wanted to come up with ways to encourage my son to stay on task. I gave them to his teacher to use them as a game, see how much you can do before the time runs out. He's a perfectionist, so rushing wasn't a concern, just keeping him on task. I liked that there were several times, so that he could build his attention. It worked out well for school.
By Chelsie F November 12, 2015
Product came as described. Sturdy. I use these for small groups or assessments as a visual aid to accompany with digital timer.
By Nicky August 10, 2015