Stop Runner Rugs Slipping, Non-slip Runner Rug Pad 2 x 8 For Hard Floors, Keep Throw Rugs In Place, Protect Wooden Floors And Increase Rugs Service Life Camoom

Stop Runner Rugs Slipping, Non-slip Runner Rug Pad 2 x 8 For Hard Floors, Keep Throw Rugs In Place, Protect Wooden Floors And Increase Rugs Service Life Camoom

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  • Stop area rug from slipping,camoom super grip rug pads have double density,big grip to keep your rugs in the place
  • Can be used in any areas rugs, kithchen rug, living rug, petcarpet, den rug, and even tablecloths,mattresse.Can be used in any floors,hardwood floor,tile floor etc
  • Protect floors,increasing rugs’ sevrice life.Rugs pad is not tape,that proprietary thick-stick friction technology leverage the laws of physics to create cyclonic pock,will not need sticy surface to keep the carpet non slip or curling,it will not hurt the floor,instead protect the floor
  • Safe for home, Made entirely from environmentally friendly materials
  • 100% guarantee,we provide the best shopping experience for you,if any questions,contact us directly,we will reply you in 24h.if you think the rug pads do not work,we will refund ,would not waste your money,Just add to cart,you can rest assured to enjoy your rugs


I love rugs very much, but when one day I walked out my bathroom, experienced my favorite rug slipped me down. After that, I’ve been searching for one thing which can make my rugs comfort and safe. Until I met Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad.

I believe most of people love using rugs like me but tired of rugs slipping out of places and crumpled, making your home look messy, sliding even cause insecurity.

You just need to put the Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad under your rugs all your embarrassment cause by your carpet will be ended.

The Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad not only solve the slipping problem but also prolong the life,beauty,and strength of your rugs. It serves as protective buffer against everyday friction that eventually degrades the quality of your rugs.

The materials of Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad without damaging and provide protecting on your floor or other surfaces, it can also locks your tablecloth, runner, vase, mattress, sofa etc. more securely in place, even on the slickest of surfaces.

Easy to instal, just put the Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad under the rugs,cut the suitable size along your rug edges with common scissor.

Safety to use, Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad would not stain, strip or mark on floor and any surfaces. It doesn’t contain toxic that can negatively affect indoor air quality.

Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad are designed to adhere your rugs to its surface in order to avoid bunching or knotting that could cause accidents or falls.

Just spend little money,to make your home warm and safe!

Camoom Super Grip Rug Pad have served in many families,tested by the market for years.It successfully get hundreds and thousands parents’ approval.

Just add it to your cards!

I was not looking for a 'thick' carpet pad, not anything that would add any noticeable depth to the thin carpet I use to cover a section of the floor in my music room. My goal was, simply, to find a pad that would successfully keep the carpet from slipping around. I found it - and here it is.

After very little trimming (around the edges so the non-slip pad did not show) it does precisely what I wanted it to do. The thin, oriental carpet not stays put - and remains as thin as it was when it was set on the floor all by itself.
I simply could not be more pleased.
By D. Reinstein June 6, 2018
great quality just place under the carpet really hold it in place and you won't know it was there and the size is very good
By Allen X. February 23, 2018
Purchased these to stop area rugs and runners from moving and slipping on ceramic tile. They work great, the rugs now stay in place. These are easy to cut and fit to the desired shape and size. The size of this pad is also large enough to accommodate several rugs, I used under 2 long runners and 3 smaller doormats.
By Minkah March 30, 2018
Great product! It works as advertised and great for bathrooms where you don't want throw rugs to move on a tile floor as you step out of the shower. Easy to cut into smaller pieces to fit multiple projects. I also found it very useful to reduce the shifting of my carpet chair mat which would slowly move around as I wheeled my desk chair over it. Putting the non-slip mat between the plastic carpet chair mat and the rug really stabilized the chair mat. I needed to order a second package to meet my needs.
By American Colonist July 9, 2018
Quite thin ... but I knew that. My rug is also thin so this product worked just fine. For a heavier/thicker rug, you might look for a heavier gauge pad.
By Vicki Craig May 31, 2018
Comes a little larger to make sure it fits, so it needs to be trimmed down a little. I haven't trimmed mine yet, just folded the ends in. It is pretty smelly when you first get it, but the smell goes away after a day or so. I got one for my 8'x10' rug and my 4'x6' rug. Thinking about getting another soon for one more rug. Works great!
By Sally C. July 18, 2018
Love this pad I brought 2 of them to steady my Living Room and Dining Room rugs they work perfectly. I have not experienced any slippage with either rug. I highly recommend this product.
By Puregold April 28, 2018
Works great on my wood floors, my rug stays in place!
By Terri April 25, 2018