Zilla Incandescent Heat Bulb Night Black 75W 100109913

Zilla Incandescent Heat Bulb Night Black 75W 100109913

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  • Provides ambient heat that creates a healthy environment for reptiles
  • Does not emit visual light which can be disruptive to the creature or room
  • Gentle glow produces little visual light allows for viewing nocturnal habits and shy species activites
  • Heavy-duty filaments yield hours of performance
  • Recommended for use with Zilla Reflector Domes

Color:Night Black  |  Wattage:75 Watts

Ideal for tropical and desert habitats, the bulb provides ambient heat in which the photons emitted by the filament never escape the dark tint, heating the air inside the enclosure to create the warmth needed for a healthy reptile environment. The bulb is made from glass containing rare earth black phosphors, which simulates the moon’s natural glow for nocturnal viewing without disturbing the reptile’s day/night cycle.

This bulb just blew out after using it for 40 days. I logged on here to see when I purchased this bulb and can't believe that it only lasted me 40 days. Now I have to run to Petco or PetSmart in the dark and freezing cold to buy another heat bulb since I need one for my reptile tonight. This brand is unreliable and I'm never buying this brand again. My luck, this will be the only brand that the store will sell. Unbelievable.
By xmaschc December 10, 2016
I didn't buy the bulb from , but wanted to leave feedback here in case it helps someone else. I really liked the soft purple light the bulb provides. The terrarium is in my bedroom and the light didn't disturb my sleep at all, but provided enough light to see my snake by and is prettier than red, in my opinion. But, as others have found, the bulb burned out very quickly.
By N. Folsom February 28, 2014
This bulb was very low quality. It lasted for approximately one month, whereas the slightly more expensive bulbs will last me eight to nine times longer. It is well worth spending the extra few dollars for a higher quality bulb. This one was definitely disappointing.
By AC April 25, 2017
I use this particular brand bulb for my evening lighting in several vivariums, and have used them for 18 months now. Recently I had a few go out, and it wasn't viable for me to hit the local pet store, so I grabbed them via Prime.


* Great bulb for all day heat, or evening heat
* Excellent gentle "moonlighting"
* Quality, lasts a very long time


* Ordered a couple, had one go out within seconds for no apparent reason (I'll bet it got knocked around in the mail). Might just pay off to order extras, you should have some on hand anyhow


* customer service is OUTSTANDING, they had a replacement bulb shipped to me the next day

* When installing these I feel it's best to leave no fingerprints or other body oils on the bulb, once it's screwed in. So use a soft cloth to tighten it, or once it's screwed in, wipe it clean


* Remember, proper heating for your pet (air and floor temperature) can mean the difference between not just happiness and stress, but proper digestion and life in general

* For many reptiles, floor temperature is most important, followed by air temperature. You'll need to measure floor temps to make sure it's within the proper range for your pet.

* One of these bulbs sitting on top of a 20L vivarium will heat the surface of a rock, which is 6" below the bulb, to about 98*. The floor temperature will be a little less. Use under-tank heaters for best results, such as Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heater, Medium

* Higher wattage means more output, it also means the closer an object or pet is to the bulb, the hotter it will be for them. Keep that in mind.

* Make sure your bulb is sized properly for your lighting enclosure, not only physically, but for the wattage as well. You don't want to put a 150watt bulb in a 100watt socket.
By T. Sessoms January 9, 2012
I can't deny that I continue to buy these bulbs because of the price and convenience of Prime but Iv had multiple bulbs burn out within the first week. If your a homebody like me and like to avoid the pet store as often as you can then I advise to buy 2 or 3
By Brooke Bezio April 7, 2017
Really happy with this bulb, it isn't bright at night but produces plenty of heat for my snake.

Edit: Bulb died 3 months in, I may attempt purchasing another but I don't think it should have gone out so soon. Due to the short life changing my review from 5 stars to 3, may reduce it lower if I purchase another and it goes out prematurely as well. It was great while it lasted.
By catblob May 29, 2015
Writing this review because of the customer service. Bulb only lasted over the weekend but a new one shipped out to me the next day after contacting . Hoping the new one will last longer or I’ll have to continue to order replacements.
By Ryan Leagh June 5, 2018
The bulbs are horrible, very cheaply made always go out for no reason. I've tried everything to get them to stop blowing out but no luck. I recomend the cheap Exo Teraa night bulbs, and they are only $3.99, much better reviews on them too. Why pay more for less?
By Curtis H. February 29, 2016