Sleek Airline Tubing in Black 25-Foot Lee's Pet Products 14655

Sleek Airline Tubing in Black 25-Foot Lee's Pet Products 14655

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  • Black, Easy To Hide
  • Great look for contemporary aquariums
  • Use it to modernize your traditional aquarium set-up

Size:25 FOOT

Lee's Sleek 25' Flexible Airline Tubing in Black is a great way to hide necessary airline tubing in your aquarium.

This is going to sound like the craziest thing but it's just the truth. I have a tank with goldfish and for some reason my wonderful Manx cat who I've had for 3 years now and I just adore has an issue where he chews wires or yes you guessed it the line that supplies the very air my fish need to live. I'm not sure why he doesn't but whenever there is a white cord or a shiny silver cord or something he can see through he just goes for it. So I came acrossed this company and they sell Airlines for you know the pumps in your aquarium but the difference is the airline is black in color and the one thing my cat is never done is he's never bothered any of my cords that have been of a darker color either a brown extension cord or black phone charge cord . Since he's never bothered those I took a chance and bought it. I am so elated! My has not even noticed that I changed not just the air hose but of course the color of the air hose. He walks past the tank and could care less doesn't even give it a second look. I'm so please. Very distressing waking up in the morning and walking to my front room only to notice my fish tank and there's absolutely no air going because my cat has chewed through the clear colored air hose. Now no issues whatsoever. I had no idea that air hose was offered in different colors they even have a blue color I don't know if it's this particular company but I came acrossed a blue color I chose to go with this company the price was right it paid off. I will buy it again. I'm not sure what it's made from but it's extremely . This particular black Lee's Air Hose the trick for me. I couldn't be more pleased.
By Tracy D. Hobbs March 9, 2018
My betta, Hori is in a 7.5-gallon tank with a black back wall. I wanted to switch him over to a sponge filter which needs an airline. I dreaded using the normal clear airline because of aesthetics. This black airline disappears against the black wall.

It feels stronger and is slightly less flexible than the clear airline. It fits my air pump, sponge filter, and check valve perfectly.

I saw this locally after I ordered it here and the price was almost the same.
By Brandy Alexander September 12, 2018
This tubing is heavy duty. Its nice and thick and looks great. using this looks much nicer than clear tubing and it fits all the pump connections perfectly. No fear of it coming loose. Also, if you are running water through this, instead of air, you wont have to worry about algae gowing in the tubes.

There is no reason not to recommend this. If you are looking for something a little flashier than clear tube, you can go wrong here!
By Nate B. July 12, 2016
I have a black background and the clear vinyl tubing stuck out like a sore thumb, and I got tired of changing it out because it does loose it's flexibility and when that happen it gets stiff and doesn't work as well. This tubing fit my air pump, a fusion 500, perfectly as well as my air stones and my bubble wand, and my gang valve. It blends in wonderfully with my back ground and my black suction cups. If your trying to hide plumbing this is the way to go. It was easy to clip with scissors and I had enough footage with spare for three ornaments. Good stuff. I will be purchasing again. It also arrived quickly, and neatly packaged.
By Winter Lilly March 15, 2015
Everyone seems to love this stuff but honestly, I hate it. Maybe I got a bad batch? I'd hardly consider it "flexible" and it kept creasing so it restricted/blocked air flow. Overall VERY disappointed, after spending over an hour to replace the existing clear tubing I had, reburying it, etc. I had to do it all over again, I went to the local pet store got a different brand (cheaper than this btw) and it's wonderful. This Lee's Sleek Airline Tubing is going in the trash, very disappointing =(
By Kimber June 16, 2014
Bought this because I wanted the black tubing so it would have that high tech look. The tubing is a shiny black which is OK, but a flat black might have been better for me. It also has that vinyl/plastic appearance and a lot thinner and less stretchy than the normal tubing which has a more rubbery, pliable texture. The other thing I did not consider is that with a salt water aquarium, the salt buildup would show a lot more on the black than on the clear.
By Leester August 26, 2013
This airline is an absolute must have for aeroponic / deep water culture sites.. Black line doesnt allow light to protrude through the line to feed any kind of microb growth... Test yourself.. get the clear, and the black, and see which one has a slimey feel to it when you take them out of the water after being submerged for a week..
Great quality, good price, no complaints.. Definately will buy, and refer to a friend..
By shupert January 4, 2012
I love that it comes in black. I could never have found black air line tubing like this in any of my local stores. But it keeps slipping off my air filter outlet. Its suppose to be standard sized air tubing. But I think its a tiny bit larger.
By Ladybat2 April 25, 2015