Aqueon Betta Falls Kit White 100101219

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit White 100101219

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  • Cascading waterfall feature with adjustable water flow control
  • Quiet Flow power filtration with included filter cartridge help keep water clean and healthy
  • Fill indicator window shows internal water level at a glance
  • (16.99" L x 4.92" W x 11.15" H), Customize with your own selection of plants, décor and gravel
  • Bettas kept in bowls/cups will need time to acclimate to the water flow


Betta Falls is contemporary, elegant and uniquely designed to house three separate betta. Its compact curved design and cascading waterfalls add to its stylish statement making it the perfect aquarium for any home or office. Uses Aqueon medium replacement filter cartridges.

-beautiful tank
-the fish seem happy enough
-it doubles as a fountain
-fits together and works well
-the fish cannot see each other so they don't get stressed out

-It's difficult to heat (I installed a 3.8v flat heater in the reservoir which kinda works)
-the pump speed is capable of being way too extreme for the poor fish, but fortunately this can be dialed down
-the filter isn't mentioned anywhere, so you have to compare for replacements (Aqueon Quietflow 10 M works)
-it gets REALLY annoying when it's low on water, so keep some handy
-the waterfalls often jettison the fish food the bottom of the tank and makes aquarium sand ugly (use rocks)
-not much room for the fish, bettas should really have more than what they are typically given
-moving this while it's full of water or attempting to clean this makes my want to drink heavily
By Logan December 16, 2016
Water condensation makes it so you can't see though the top. Anytime the tops are off and filter is running fish will jump/fall/go into other bettas tank. Gets extremely dirty after a day of doing a 50% water change. Ended up having little worms in filter after I cleaned constantly. I highly do not recommend. Was excited now disappointed. I believe this should be taken off the market and a refund is due.
By D. Brown August 29, 2017
((Update below original review))

Prior to purchase and after reading some reviews, I thought I would have to put blockers in between the tank outputs to prevent the bettas from getting into the other tanks... To prevent this KEEP THE LIDS ON - the lids have built-in grates that prevent this. Water flow - TURN that little pump all the way DOWN (default is all the way high, low & high marked on the pump). Put a small submersible heater in the bottom (unless your room temperature is 76-80), it fits and there is an opening for the cord - pump cord fits through it as well. The tank is quiet - initially, I was worried because of the "waterfall" in the last compartment, but as long as the water level is at the "Max" line - all is quiet! Note that initial filling was done by adding water halfway to each compartment and the filter reservoir, turning on the pump and then raising water level until Max reached (Max water level indicated on the front of Betta Falls). The filter cartridge is "Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridge, Medium," (available for purchase on or at Petco). I added live plants and I'm letting the tank cycle before adding bettas (about a week). The water flow (dialed down to low) is not pushing the plants around, so it's enough to keep the water circulated with the heater. I'll edit this review after adding bettas if there are any problems, though I don't expect any.
7/16/18 Update
Made some modifications to the tank (photos attached). I took some thin plastic grate (purchased from a home improvement store, very cheap), cut it, and secured it over the grates with small zip ties. I did this because the betta in the first tank was getting his tail sucked through (he was staying in the tank, but unable to move). This modification fixed that. I went ahead and moved this particular betta to the last tank because he's small and the flow there is the least. I also affixed the plastic grate in the last tank. The middle betta is perfectly fine and did not have any trouble, however, I added the plastic grate to his tank as well just in case. I trimmed his grate to just below the water release point though because the longer grate was creating more of a suction and he spends more time at the top. I recommend putting a larger betta in the first tank. The older betta I moved there is completely happy. I do turn off the filter to feed them (left off for about five minutes). The leaves in the photos are Indian Almond Leaves (beneficial to bettas and lowers the ph naturally).
By elizzy824 July 9, 2018
Love this and...

I just want to respond to some of the people who have written reviews here. 1.

When I first set this up, I noticed it's easy to put the tank tops on incorrectly so that's why the betas were able to get into another tank. When applied correctly there is a grid that prevents this.
2. The motor does make a noise when the pump is not set correctly into the uptake tube. Once you fix that it's silent.

3. If you set the pump on low you can easily feed the fish with the tank plugged in. I assume you use the pellets, not flakes.

For my tank I got the flexible lights in white and another set in rotating colors. It look great and the fish seem happy! Love it!

Update, THis is by far the best beta tank I have ever owned. It's easy to maintain and the fish love it I added the artificial plants as shown and the fish love to hide behind to sleep. They can't see each other so they are not stressed.
By Skye July 3, 2017
Don't buy! I just lost my most expensive betta fish because one betta jumped somehow in the middle tank and killed my elephant dumbo priced betta.
Plus you have to turn the pump off each feeding time as the floating pellets will cascade down to the last tank and eventually down the bottom reservoir where it will eventually decay and cloud the water. There is a definite design flaw. The company should reimburse our dead fish. I see that some of the reviews had the same issue.
By Rick Mendoza March 28, 2016