InterDesign SinkWorks Kitchen Sink Suction Holder for Sponges, Scrubbers, Soap - Clear 25300

InterDesign SinkWorks Kitchen Sink Suction Holder for Sponges, Scrubbers, Soap - Clear 25300

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  • Holds bar soap, sponge, scouring pad or drain stopper
  • Includes durable plastic suction cups
  • Great for bathroom or utility sinks
  • Made of durable, clear plastic
  • 2" x 5.4" x 4.4"

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The InterDesign Sinkworks Sponge Holder is a convenient solution for storing your sponges. Simply place the holder in the sink with the durable suction cups and place your sponge in the cradle

I've had this device for a year and a few months now. It works fine as a place to put your soap for the 23 hours 58 minutes between uses. I use Dove soap, so it helps to prolong the life of it greatly. The soap stays nice and firm instead of gooey like when a horizontal-type soap dish is used.

The suction cups, however, are interesting. I believe they were programmed by the same people that programmed low-battery smoke alarm beeps. The suction cups only fail at night, when we are all sleeping, just like a smoke alarm battery. Our bathroom is right off of the bedroom, so with as much echoiness that a bathroom can muster, it falls off the shower wall anytime between midnight and 4:00 am. It never falls of on a Tuesday afternoon when I'm working from home, nor on a Saturday morning when I'm cooking a pancake breakfast. Only at night. Only when we are sleeping. It knows if you are having a restless night and stays firmly on the wall. It also knows when you are sound asleep, having an exciting dream, one of those dreams you don't want to wake up from, and will come crashing down causing you to jump up thinking a burgler has just smashed every window in your house in an attempt to steal everything but the soap holder.

We also have one of the "V" shaped soap holders with the one big suction cup and that one only falls off about once per year where this one falls off about eight times per year.
By B. Anderson January 21, 2016
I make soap and so I always have several bars in my shower for testing purpose. There is nothing worse than piles of soap melting together on the tub edges, so I thought I would order a couple of these. Some pros:

They suction really well. I bought these a few months ago, they have been loaded down with bars at the back of my shower, and have not budged an inch. (I have tile, and they fit really nicely between the grout lines). I can also usually balance two bars in one of these. They drain really well, and so my soap dries quickly between uses and lasts longer.

The only con is, if you get a sliver of soap pushed into the bottom, it can be hard to scrape out. However, this will probably not be a problem for the average person, who likely does not have eight bars of soap in their shower.

All in all a great, well-draining soap dish.
By Jessica Guptill July 21, 2013
This is a basic item that -- for a friend of mine -- is serving a different purpose. She has a disability and wants her phone near her shower so that she can reach it, so we bought this and it is now not a soap or scrubbie holder but a phone holder. the fact that the ends are open is good because that way she can slide the phone out. I think it would also be a good soap or scrubbie holder. :-)
By Clutter Hater June 12, 2017
This is one of those unexciting things of life that I get a little bit excited about. One kitchen sponge fits perfectly into this holder and the holder has two relatively large suction cups that keep it in place. I have mine on one inner side of the sink, out of sight but with the sponge right there handy to grab whenever.

I've seen lots of reviews here that complain that the suction cups do not keep their holders in place. So far I have had no such problem. Perhaps it happens after a lengthy period of use. My holder has been in use for only a month now. If the cups start to lose their suction I'll add that info to this review.
By OLT July 25, 2014
I had bought this and a metal one that mounted with a suction cup too. This one was far less expensive but actually has lasted longer! The suction cup on this works great and has been up in my shower for almost a year now and has not fallen once. It is stuck to smooth tile that was first cleaned with a magic eraser and CLR to make sure there was no soap scum or hard water stain on the tile first. The other one I gave up on because though it has the fancier locking suction cup it never stayed up and the chrome rusted after a few months. I recommend this over the others on here of comparable price. It's not the prettiest or fanciest but it is no hassle and stays up.
By ErinE June 1, 2015
Came as described. This is my go-to sponge holder. I started out using a metal one, which quickly rusted and I had to throw it out. This plastic one lasts a lot longer. If water residue builds up, I just easily wash it with some detergent and water. Nice that the suction cups can be taken out as well. It holds my sponge well and sticks to my sink. From other comments, the holder slides down the sink and it has slid down in my sink before too, but I found that as long as the suction is firmly pressed, and the area is dry prior to suction, it will stick well and won't slide.
By Fellow Amazon Member March 24, 2017
So this little product is for use with a sponge, but a we do not use sponges, yet we still needed something for our dish rag. We have a farmhouse sink, which means it is one large single sink with no center divider like double sinks which is where most people lay their dish washing rag to drip dry. We tried hanging the rag on the faucet (looked terrible and always got in the way or dropped into the sink to get wet all over again), or stashing the wet rag at the bottom corner of the sink (gross). Then I stumbled upon this little gem by InterDesign Sink Works.
We stuck it to the inside of our sink on one of the side's small and narrow so it doesn't get in the way of washing dishes; it's very clear so it blends in very well with our sink color/doesn't stand out; it has an open grid front and bottom so that the rag dries well keeping it fresher longer; it has open sides (meant to fit a sponge in) so our wash rag folds over the entire holder nicely (not bunched up) thereby also helping it dry; the suction cups hold tight and are just the right size: not too small for the weight of holder and wet rag; and it's made of a hard plastic, so if it drops into the sink, or a glass hits it, nothing will get scratched or damaged (which is the reason I didn't want to buy one of those metal holders).
Small but mighty helper in the kitchen!
By Jane Austen June 19, 2013