Artistic Wire 20-Gauge Non-Tarnish Brass Wire, 15-Yards Beadalon AWS-20-NTB-15YD

Artistic Wire 20-Gauge Non-Tarnish Brass Wire, 15-Yards Beadalon AWS-20-NTB-15YD

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  • Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants
  • Soft temper wire is shapeable
  • Tarnish resistant coating
  • Permanently enamel colored
  • Perfect for jewelry and crafts

Size:1 Pack

Artistic Wire is the most extensive line of permanently colored copper wire for jewelry and crafts. The wire has an exclusive enamel coating that is available with a glossy metallic finish, or in a matte finish. The coating is engineered to resist tarnishing, chipping, and peeling and to stand up to coiling, spiral making, twisting, wrapping, and other wire working techniques. Great for making jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants.

I bought this for making my own headpins, but I have used it for various other wirework projects as well.

It is a lovely, golden, brassy color. It has a tarnish-resistant coating. I do scrub this coating off (have tried different strategies including steel wool and various polishes; not yet sure which is my favorite). Next time I will probably look for non-tarnish-resistant (or bare) wire, because removing the coating is a bit of work and the coating has to be off to make headpins (which I am doing by holding the end of a length of this over a torch to ball up the end). Also because I like playing around with patinas and that won't work with the coating in place.

I do like that this is 20 gauge -- it feels pretty substantial to me. It is too wide to make an eyepin or headpin that will go through a pearl, but for many beads including Swarovski crystals, firepolished Czech glass, etc., it fits perfectly, and I feel like any wrapping I do is more secure than with a thinner gauge wire.

This isn't enamel colored; I think someone recycled the description from the blue/purple/green/orange varieties of Artistic Wire, which are enamel colored. I don't find that I have any trouble shaping this with pliers and/or wire jigs.

I would not use this for earrings; brass contains a percentage of copper and may turn your ears green as a result. (You can coat or seal the part that goes through your earring hole, but the coating will have to be reapplied periodically. You can get anodized niobium earwires in a pretty close color if you are wanting to make earrings; those have the added bonus of being hypoallergenic.)

Anyway, I, personally, could do without the non-tarnish coating, but otherwise, I've been really happy with this.
By Sneaky Burrito August 25, 2017
brass wire is great for wire jewelry making I totally recommend it
By Ann June 16, 2018
Probably the best wire I've found for making jewelry. There is a bit of clear film that can flake off at times if you're wrapping the wire too hard, I have no idea what it is, but after dusting it off of my wire, it doesn't seem to affect the finished product at all. Great and brilliant brass wire without too much of the shine, but enough to pass even as gold or match with other gold.
By Risheru February 17, 2016
Wow...I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was on this item. Also...IMO, this is the best wire around. I wrapped some of it around the heel of my high heels...and it came out fantastic. I highly recommend this wire.
By veeg May 18, 2017
Love Artistic Wire! It is amazing and beautiful. I have ordered it over and over for my jewelry projects.
By PawPrints4Ucom October 19, 2017
Best wire for making jewelry! Not as shiny as store bough though.
By Diana March 16, 2018
love this wire it is great to work with i will purchase this wire again. and you get this wire pretty fast from this company.
By sandra cruz May 15, 2017
Excelente Calidad
By Carlos Valencia August 13, 2018